Compétition Premier FidMarseille 2016

Mexico, flames up in the sky. Evil forebodings announce the imminent arrival ofthe Spaniards. And yet here we are in Marseille – which we will never leave: a youngman stumbles upon the Codex Florentinus, tale of the Spaniards’ arrival from the standpoint of the conquered Aztecs. Nathalie Hugues and Nicola Bergamaschi’sfirst film takes us along the journey towards Mexico through the crackling visionsof what is to become the passage point between two places and two eras. Throughtrance, he finds his way out of a meal or an evening out to a bar so he can become the forest animal spying on men. The film-makers, both coming from different backgrounds, present a work where each of the scenes is formulated like an attackagainst the overall film’s structure as it ends up bending down and then getting up again, as smoothly as the Quetzalcoatl whose appearance is forecast. And,once everything is blinded by the light, and Marseille’s inlets have become Aztec mountains, a museum appears at night, mixed with the jungle where the man finds himself  wandering around naked in front of ancient figures.What Happened in the Year 13 Lapinmoves forward along a free pathway, uprooted and carryingalong the way all of the earth’s myths: those of colonialism, those of war as well.HD and Mini DV play the coexistence game and a sensorial discovery of the world. For if the encounter does take place, who says that the one endowed with visions will necessarily be truly prepared for it? (VP, Fid Marseille).