” For nearly two years, the cinema collective Polygone Étoilé Filmflamme Crosses the streets of the city with the help of meetings to draw a new, alternative and contemporary look on the territory. Painters, photographers, videographers, writers and composers, found themselves in this adventure for artists’ residences between the arts center Fernand Léger, the Ciné Méliès of Port-de-Bouc and the Médiathèque Boris Vian. This exhibition presents the differents works of  Nathalie Hugues , Gabriel Dutrait, Raphaèle Dumas, Claire Dutrait, Stephan Dunkelman, Gaël Bonnefon, of the inhabitants in the framework of cinematographic workshops, and scientific research carried out by the Eco-Citizen Institute of Fos-sur-mer. An attempt to write the landscape of the port-de-boucain and its surroundings. ”
Expo to be discovered from 26 November to 16 December Centre d’Arts Fernand Léger – Château St Gobain.